The TeqniLight25l LED light is a next-generation solar rechargeable light and portable LED lantern



  • High quality bright, multi-function LED light with integrated high capacity battery
  • Ideal for outdoors use, around the house, and for rural use where no electricity supply is available
  • High brightness – optionally up to 450 lumens
  • Various user modes for the same light
    – Ceiling/roof mounted with remote switch to control the light and light level
    – Wall mounted
    – Tablet top usage
    – Use as a hand carried lantern
  • Robust and compact
  • Long illumination period from the internal battery
  • Provides integrated power bank function – able to charge mobile devices
  • Convenient remote light control switch
  • Various battery types are available
  • The standard battery is a high capacity LiFEPO4 cell which provides a superior 2,000 recharge cycle rating and high temperature operation
  • Provides for various charge sources:
    – Solar panel with optional MPPT charging
    – Vehicle power source
    – Mains via adaptor
  • Meets IEC 62257-9-5 quality standard for stand-alone rural solar lighting kits & Lighting Africa Quality Test Method (LA-QTM)
  • Battery & solar status indicators
  • Smart controller with temperature compensation to manage battery charging/discharging & light
  • IP54 water and dust protected
  • Optional spring loaded contacts for input supply – no tools required


Full battery run time at 250 lumens * more than 6 hours
Maximum light output in lumens 450/350 or 250 lumen options
Battery recharge cycles 300 – 500 times for Lithium Ion cells 2,000 + times for LiFEPO4 cell
* Run time does not account for mobile phone charging or other auxiliary loads. The run time is defined as the time to 70% of the initial, stabilized maximum light output.
LIGHT summary
Lamp type Bright white high efficiency LED
Colour characteristics ‘Cool’ option 5,000K, ‘warm’ option 3,500K, CRI 80
Distribution type – radiation pattern 120 degrees per LED, multiple LED’s in a polycarbonate diffuser, omni-directional forward distribution, optional clear and semi-transparent diffusers are available
Lumen maintenance Lossless than 8% after 5 years
Light levels Three light levels which can be user selected Full range dimming is optionally available
Multiple user modes - Hang on ceiling or roof, use remote switch to control light
– Mount or hang against a wall
– Use on a table top
– Hand carry as a lantern
– Quick and easy to connect and disconnect
Indicators Solar / external power and battery status indicators are provided
Mobile device charging Two USB charge sockets, multiple phone adaptor tips
Dimensions 105 x 105 x 65 mm (without fixing handle)
Switches and controls Remote switch and integrated push button switch on light
Input voltage 5V to 15V DC
Installation Simple spring loaded terminals – no tools required Terminal box available to share a single PV panel between a number of lights
Overall durability and workmanship Designed to be robust and to pass relevant standards,
Water and dust ingress Designed to pass IP54 rating
Drop survivability Designed to survive drops onto concrete from a height of 1 meter in accordance with IEC 60598-1
Switches and connectors > 20,000 operations for switches >1,500 insertions for USB charge connectors > 5,000 connection cycles for other connectors
Operating temperature - 10 degrees C to +55 degrees C
Battery type Up to 16 watt hour Lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFEPO4) battery Up to 16 watt hours Lithium Ion (Lion) battery
Typical recharge cycles Lithium Ion cells have a typical recharge cycle rate of 300 to 500 times, LiFEPO4 have a typical recharge cycle rate of more than 2,000 times, hence overall longer battery life
PV module type Reliable PV module in aluminium frame with fixing/securing holes
PV maximum power point 4 Watts under Standard Test Conditions (STC)
Charging method Maximum Power Point (MPPT) charging from PV panel



TeqniLight is a Nova Platform product which allows extensive customization as required

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