Z-Wave compliant biometrics Access Control wall unit

 Biometrics touch screen console with integrated  Z-Wave Building &  Home Automation


The NovaACCESS smart console enables quick and easy enrollment of fingerprint biometrics, the templates are distributed to   DG zb3 door units via Z-Wave or WiFi.  This allows remote doors to be also biometrically controlled, and is ideal for  time and attendance applications where  entry and exits are biometrically monitored.

A major feature is the integrated building automation capability.  This enables the entry of an  authorized person to automatically control the environment, such as switching lights on, HVAC on, etc., and then to switch it off again when they leave.

The system allows users to remotely  view reports, and to enable and disable  access rights.

Enrollment is quick and easy on the console.   High quality fingerprint readers are used for maximum  effectiveness. 



zb3  DoorGuard biometrics & NFC door open Z-Wave unit