NovaTeqni and its management has extensive experience in delivering successful technology based elections solutions. Solutions have been provided to many countries. These include voter registration enrollment, central voter system with integrated biometrics AFIS and de-duplication system and voter validation system for Election day.

ID800 range of mobile Citizen and Voter Registration Systems

  • Biometric based enrollment system
  • Integrated printers
  • Rugged and mobile
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible applications
  • Reliable data uploading
  • Secure with redundant data back up
  • Various voter card printing solutions
  • Various versions have been developed to suit customers’ requirements

The ID800 solutions are field proven and have been used in various countries, including Afghanistan, Liberia, Tanzania, Mozambique etc.

The ID800 is a NovaPlatform product and can be customized for various specific applications.

id810l id810m



eVV 200 Elections Scanner


  • Compact A4 dual sided scanner for use during elections
  • Barcode reader
  • GSM communications
  • Battery operated with long battery life
  • Various card readers
  • Various elections related applications, such as result reporting, logistics tracking, etc.

Nova845 Solar Power Pack


  • Comprehensive solar power pack
  • Internal AGM batteries
  • Various output voltages:- 24VDC, 110/220V AC, 19V DC, 5VDC
  • Integrated multi-stage smart charger
  • Solar charger and controller
  • Integrated Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • Portable, self-contained
  • Ideal for operating IT equipment and for lighting remotely and off-grid
  • Various solar panel options